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Anthony Miler
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AUTRE, Highlights from the 2015 NADA Art Fair at Basketball City in New York, photo by Oliver Maxwell Kupper (featured: Loversby Anthony Miler at ART 3 booth), May 18, 2015

Interview Magazine, Away from Abstraction(interview with Anthony Miler), by Rachel Small, photo by Frank Sun, May 2015

ARTSY (ARTSY Editorial), Emerging Artists Hang with Top Collectors at NADA's Best Edition Yet, by Molly Gottschalk, May 15,2015, Artist Jeanette Hayes's NADA New York 2015 Picks (featured: Untitled by Anthony Miler at ART3 booth), by Artspace Editors, May 13, 2015

Cheap & Plastique, Studio Visit with Anthony Miler, by Violet Shuraka, May 12, 2015

Architectural Digest, Calming Influence, by William Norwich, photo by William Waldron (Anthony Miler’s paintings in Francisco Costa’s home), Sep. 2014

ARTSY (ARTSY Editorial), An Artist's Raw, Visceral Drawings are an Antidote to Technological Sheen, by Heather Corcoran, Aug. 28, 2014

ELLE Girl (Japan), Anthony Miler’s works photographed in recommendation of ART 3 Gallery as Camilla's favorite gallery, by Miko Uno, July 28, 2014