Thierry Goldberg Gallery

Maya Bloch

Feels Like Home

November 16 - December 21, 2014


Thierry-Goldberg Gallery is pleased to present Feels Like Home, Maya Bloch’s forth exhibition with the gallery. Bloch continues her study of the interplay between abstraction and the figure, and for the first time, showing a new body of work of pencil drawings on canvas.

The large paintings on view include three abstracted figurations and one still life. Expending on her familiar painterly processes, Bloch’s new figure-works incorporate thick brushstrokes, washes, and at times collage elements. Compared with her earlier work, the palette of the new paintings is somewhat reduced and the compositions are simplified.

In the painting “Untitled (The Viewers),” a group of seven anonymous characters is playfully arranged on the canvas. Some of them direct an intense gaze outward, others appear as silhouettes or shadows of themselves. One can only guess if the painting’s title refers to the figures depicted on the canvas or to the gallery visitors viewing it.

Bloch’s estranged characters also make an appearance in her new set of pencil works. The ten pieces included are smaller in scale, drawn in black and white with touches of color, and just as surreal. In “Shirt Man” a crowd of people surrounds a headless figure in a dark space. “Elephant” depicts a figure with an elephant head, and “Painter,” perhaps a self-portrait of sorts, portrays an artist on the backdrop of a dream-like swirl.

Maya Bloch, b. 1978, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She has previously had solo exhibitions at The Haifa Museum of Art, Israel, and at Sommer Contemporary, Tel Aviv. Group exhibitions include Marlborough Gallery, New York; PPOW Gallery, New York; Cerritos College Art Gallery, Los Angeles; Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv; and the Petach-Tikva Museum, Israel. Bloch’s exhibitions were featured and reviewed by The New York Times, Frieze Magazine, Artforum, Art in America, and The New York Observer.

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