Thierry Goldberg Gallery

John Dante Bianchi

October 12- November 9, 2014


Thierry Goldberg Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by John Dante Bianchi. The exhibition will feature sculptures and paintings that continue the artist’s exploration of surface and matter as they pertain to the natural cycle of growth and decay.


Bianchi’s paintings are made on a set of sculptural panels, which he creates by layering and joining materials with an array of surface textures. On each panel, an intricately composed coating of vivid colors is blanched with a thin layer of white. Working the layers together through a sculptural process of digging into and adding onto the paint, he creates the appearance of a Technicolor bruise that is in the midst of emerging or receding.


Traditionally seen as a mark of destruction, Bianchi recontextualizes bodily trauma as an opportunity for regeneration and growth, whereby breaking down an existing form makes way for the creation of a new one. This somewhat counterintuitive process is literalized in the bruise but is also critical to many processes of growth and personal development. By giving permanence to the fleeting moment of the bruise, Bianchi opens up a new possibility for reflection on it and that which it symbolizes.


Similarly, a series of new sculptures resemble organic, geological forms, caught between decay and regeneration. The sculptures take as their point of departure redwood tree stumps. These forms are created when trees burn down—a process that can take years, during which the tree sprinkles seeds and births new trees, even while its own life wanes. Bianchi’s cavernous, textural sculptures allude to those dying stump forms but seem also to be in the midst of a petrifying, changing state, and taking on a new life through them.



John Dante Bianchi was born in 1978 in New Hampshire and lives and works in Brooklyn. His work was recently included in To do as one would at David Zwirner Gallery (New York), White | Black at Nancy Margolis Gallery (New York), and Marquee Moon at Thierry Goldberg. He also exhibited at Signal Gallery, Know More Games, Projekt 722, and Primetime, all in Brooklyn; James Fuentes in New York; and Night Gallery in Los Angeles. Bianchi received an MFA from Yale University and a BFA from the Cooper Union. This is his first solo exhibition at Thierry Goldberg Gallery.


For more information please contact the gallery at or 212.967.2260