ART021 Shanghai: PLATFORM: Carlo D’Anselmi, Isaac Mann, Nicholas Norris, Francisco G. Pinzón Samper, Natalie Terenzini

November 3 - 13, 2022 

For the 2023 edition of Art021, Thierry Goldberg Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition with new works by gallery artists Carlo D’Anselmi, Isaac Mann, Nicholas Norris, Francisco G. Pinzon Samper, and Natalie Terenzini.


Carlo D’Anselmi (b. 1991, New York, NY) uses vibrant swaths of rich hues and focused lighting to create dramatic environments that highlight the tension between humanity and the natural world. Held within the precipice of reality, his figures appear in a dreamlike state, their empty and melancholy eyes make us wonder if they are in sorrow, or absorbed in their thoughts or actions. Sheaths of light fall across his subjects' faces, while plants and animals move freely throughout the compositions, often encircling his figures and lending to moments that brim with tension. D’Anselmi’s works exhibit a colorful uncertainty that shifts between instances of inwardness and exposure. D’Anselmi revels in these moments, deliberately blurring the lines between harmony and dissonance, performance and reality, captivity and freedom.


Isaac Mann (b. 1986, Saint Paul, MN) depicts intimate scenes that vacillate among acts of love, temptation, and lust. Mann builds up the surface of his canvases stripping away layers to heighten the interplay between rich pigmented colors and transparency. His figures are abstracted, composed of simplified shapes that intertwine with one another. It is these disparate arrangements of forms and objects that anchor the content to context. Treading the ever seductive line among play, eroticism, and romance, Mann divulges these tender moments of closeness. There is an undeniable decadence to his candy colored compositions, a world of fantasy revealed where one can capture instances of connection and luxuriate in acts of intimacy.


Oscillating among personal, wistful, and spiritual relationships, Francisco G. Pinzón Samper (b. 1997, Bogota, Colombia) paints vibrant portraits that relish in serendipity. Sampling indiscriminately from everyday life, Pinzón Samper renders each portrait unique through an amalgamation of design motifs, color and form. The figures come across vivacious, each disparate personality transcribed through body positioning, hand gestures, and broad splashes of color. At times, the figures appear frozen in time, as if they have been caught in a moment, their gaze and hand gestures beckoning the viewer into an exchange. Through these interchanges, Pinzón Samper subtly unveils the essence of each character, creating environments that are full unanticipated encounters.


Playing with modes of perception, Natalie Terenzini (b.1996, San Diego, CA) upends expected depictions of femininity by painting genuine private moments in place of staged fantasy. With a jovial palette and striking, flat shapes, Terenzini presents light-hearted situations with a cartoon-like alter ego of herself. As she moves through each composition, her avatar engages in intimate acts that slowly unveil her uncensored character. The paintings’ candy colored pallet effortlessly captivates the viewer, luring them unbeknownst into unsettling encounters, creating instances that at times evoke a sense of intrusion.


Nicholas Norris (b. 1991, Phoenix, AZ) utilizes bold hues and innovative patterns to create surreal landscapes that reverberate among moments of vibrancy, stillness, and wonder. Teetering between instances of recognition and obscurity Norris’s abstract compositions explore perspectives on spaces and objects as reflections of emotional connection. Color relationships and patterns are carefully considered, each layer establishing a visual dialogue of harmony and discord. Differentiation in color and pattern not only delineates the separation of space and objects, but also allows for multiple perceptions of color bringing vigor and vitality to otherwise static environments. Collecting inspiration from a myriad of interior and exterior spaces, Norris's works touch upon several places simultaneously generating hybrid environments that are untethered by geography or time.