Paige Beeber: Variable Intertwined

March 11 - April 8, 2022

Thierry Goldberg is pleased to present Variable Intertwined an online solo exhibition of works by Paige Beeber. The exhibition runs from March 11- April 8, 2022.

Paige Beeber's works reverberate with a meticulous vitality. Heavily influenced by her sculptural background, Beeber delights in the tangibility found through the use of multiple mediums. Her work exposes a certain tactile nature as each piece weaves together an ever-shifting combination of structural design elements, patterns, anthropomorphic shapes, textures, and vibrant splashes of color.

The works in Variable Intertwined were all completed during Beeber’s recent residency in Sicily. During her residency, Beeber became fascinated with the surrounding architecture, especially the way in which shadows moved across the surface as day transitioned into night. Several of the works in this series playfully incorporate aspects of Italian architectural design. In some instances, certain elements such as windows and Baroque-esq ornamentation are directly referenced as in 10/20 of Palazzo. In others, such as 8/20 of Palazzo, Beeber commanders the architectural form varying its construction, stealthily creating spaces of her own.

Beeber arranges her work utilizing color and pattern as a composer uses chorus and verse. In 16/20 of Palazzo, Beeber draws the viewer into the piece with vibrant swaths of yellow. Interjections of turquoise and hot pink allow the work to begin to build upon itself, escalating the intensity and crescendoing into arcs of bright yellow-orange. Beeber creates varying moments of vibration throughout the work, constantly encouraging the viewer's eye to float around the canvas. The repetition of a checkerboard pattern allows for moments of repose, a place for the viewer's eyes to land before they are undoubtedly swept back up into undulating explosions of color.

There is a stiched-like quality exhibited in several of Beeber’s works. In 4/20 of Palazzo, an abstracted network of arches frame an assortment of punctilious staccato lines. These short repetitious marks alternate in color, both designating and encompassing the void in the space they seek to fill. The stitch mark-making is representative of both Beeber’s sculptural background and her family traditions. In many of her works, it operates as a thread of nostalgia intertwining and unfolding the passage between space and time.

Drawing inspiration from both family history and the exterior landscape, Beeber's compositions teeter between moments of introspection and increments of interconnectivity. Her works build upon themselves, persistently pushing color and pattern to their full capacity. As a whole, the works tend to function as an architectural tapestry, incessantly investigating the ever-changing dynamic structure of the passage of time.

Paige Beeber (b. 1993, Syosset, NY) lives and works in New York City. She holds a BFA from Alfred University. Beeber has previously shown at Thierry Goldberg Gallery in a two person exhibition By A Thread. She has had solo exhibitions at Dante Street Gallery, Linguaglossa, IT; Freight + Volume Gallery, New York, NY; Arts+Leisure, New York, NY; and Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. She has participated in recent group exhibitions at Ideal Glass Studios, New York, NY; 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY; Interboro Tigerforce, Ridgewood, NY; Soulland, Copenhagen, Denmark; Meeting House Air, Troy, NY; and 490 Atlantic Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

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