You Don’t Have to Be A Cowboy To Make Butch Sculptures

Christine Rebhuhn | Forbes

November 18, 2021. By Brienne Walsh. 


As the artist Christine Rebhuhn makes her way through the world, her brain makes visual associations she later uses in her work. For example, while living with her family in Iowa during the early days of the pandemic, Rebhuhn traveled to her father’s childhood farm, and discovered a box of Life magazines from the 1960s in an old chicken coop. In one of the issues, she was drawn to denim ad that featured a cowboy standing over a horse’s back at a rodeo. Later that week, while visiting with a friend from high school who repairs pianos, and offered one to her for free, she saw the shape of the cowboy’s legs in the curves of one of the instruments in his workshop.


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November 18, 2021
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