A Gift for Chicago, a new work for Norway, and a Rothko rockets in price: talking points at Art Basel in Miami Beach by Anna Brady, Gareth harris and Victoria Stapley-Brown

Tschabalala Self | The Art Newspaper

December 7, 2018. 


Chicago gets a Miami gift

Tschabalala Self’s painting Thank You (2018) is heading to the Art Institute of Chicago after a collector bought it from Thierry Goldberg gallery at the fair, on the condition that the piece is donated to the institution. The New York-based gallery, in the Positions section, sold its entire installation of new work by the Harlem-born artist. The pieces are from Self’s ongoing Bodega Run series, which is “based on her personal interactions with the metropolitan corner store”, the gallery’s Ron Segev says.


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December 7, 2018
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