10 Brooklyn Artists with shows you need to see right now

Natalie Terenzini | Brooklyn Magazine

May 18, 2022. By Vittoria Benzine.


Sunset Park-based Natalie Terenzini warps perspective with her first solo at Thierry Goldberg Gallery’s lofty Lower East Side space. “Mouse Traps” offers a look at femininity disconnected from the outsider’s gaze, a paradox given that this is a public show. Sometimes Terenzini’s central character, her alter ego, appears to sense the viewer’s eyes. That doesn’t stop her from “engaging in intimate acts that slowly unveil her uncensored character,” as the gallery puts it. Terenzini’s id appears mostly alone, accented by shocks of vivid orange and purple, surrounded by personal iconography like half-lit cigarettes, pill bottles, and beauty products. “We are living in a moment where the way we present ourselves to the world is hyper-sanitized and curated,” she tells Brooklyn Magazine. “I am interested in laying bare the parts of a life that even the people closest to you may not see.” Catch a glimpse through May 27.


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May 18, 2022
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